Santa Barbara, California

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The exhibit will premiere on May 23, 2020 and will be open to the public through September 7, 2020. Tickets on sale soon.

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Santa Barbara, California

2020-05-23 to 2020-09-07
September 7, 2020


SEE Global Entertainment

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Santa Barbara, California

2020-05-23 to 2020-09-07
September 7, 2020


Coming to Santa Barbara, CA in the spring of 2020! The central California coast will host the internationally acclaimed Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel : The Exhibition, an immersive presentation of museum-quality, near life-size reproductions of the iconic master’s frescoes that adorn the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The exhibit opens on May 23, 2020 and will be open to the public through September 7, 2020. Check back for more info on location and early bird tickets.

In the coastal city of Santa Barbara, California, exact location will be announced soon.

From May 23, 2020 through September 7, 2020

Opening Hours:
Not yet available

Not yet available but stay informed of early bird specials and other offers.

Did you reproduce everything inside the Sistine Chapel?

Our mission was never to copy the entire chapel, so bordering elements such as the Ignudi angels and other framing devices are not included. It was necessary to crop some of the images in order to fit them into the display design, but rest assured: all key images from the ceiling are included.

Is the artwork in the exhibit the same size as the original in the Vatican?

Since the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is curved, these reproductions are as close to the original size as possible.

What is the source of the images and when were they taken?

The exhibit is produced by Special Entertainment Events (SEE), a L.A.-based exhibition production company which acquired the worldwide rights to the fresco reproductions from Bridgeman Images. The photographs were taken post-restoration of the ceiling; in some cases, color enhancement was necessary to match the images for consistency.

How long should I plan to spend at the exhibition?

The average visit lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours, but we’ve had guests stay up to 3 hours.

Can I take photos inside the exhibit?

Yes! Photos for personal use are permitted and encouraged, but please do not use a flash, tripod, or selfie stick. For any professional or filming requests, please contact, SEE Global Entertainment.the producers.


For all questions pertaining to this upcoming exhibit and tickets, please contact SEE Global Entertainment.