Newsletter - Sistine Chapel

Hi there, We wish we could give you precise news but we are still preparing our 2017 tour with venues across the US, Europe and Asia! With such a large scale production, Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The  Exhibition need to be adapted for each unique space and floor plan, preserving the up close and personal experience for […]

Youtube & Yelp, Thanks for the help ;)

Sistine Chapel Exhibition Yelp

Hi all! Firstly thanks for all your support. Without happy reviewers and fans, we wouldn’t have all this amazing positive press around an exhibit we spent sleepless hours putting together..  As our show grows roots in Dallas due to our extension,  we are setting up some new channels with media coverage, promo videos and location based social […]

Good Morning Dallas! Our show made the news…


This morning, some of our staff was watching tv when suddenly they noticed our show, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel on live tv! This was a really nice surprise and we were able to capture an image (we have yet to find the link online, but if any of you spot it on Youtube, please send it […]