Veterans Day in Dallas!

Veterans Day Dallas

Due to the political divides, difficulties, or frustrations we might encounter in our lives as Americans these days, it is easy to take our great country and its democratic freedoms for granted. It is even easier for many of us to forget the enormous sacrifices that others have made to protect and guarantee those freedoms. This is why Veterans Day is so important.

Veterans Day is a day of peace and remembrance. It is a time for all Americans to unite and come together as one. It is a time to be grateful for what we have and for what others have so courageously fought for. Families and friends remember, neighbors share with each other, and strangers reach out to each other. This is what makes Veterans Day special. It embodies in many ways what it truly means to be American.  So this November 11th, take the time to honor and thank our veterans. Coming together with your community is the least that you can do for our veterans for what they’ve done for you.

We invite our vets to enjoy a permanent discount at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition and today exclusively, we will be offering all our visiting veterans, a complimentary audio guide or souvenir guide.

Join is on this special day with family and frien! Hope to see some of you here

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